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Infant Baptism General Information:
Baptism for infants occur on a regular bases, usually Sunday afternoons. For first time parents, a rehearsal/information meeting is required so that they will know what is expected of them.

Parents who do not live within the parish boundaries and are not attending church at Our Lady of Hope or St. Anthony’s need to have a letter of permission from their proper parish for us to Baptize their child. This letter is not difficult to get. Call the closest Catholic Church to where you live and the secretary will type up the necessary letter.

The suggested donation is $50.00 and is payable to “Our Lady of Hope Parish.”

Choosing Sponsors (Godparents):
Sponsors (commonly known as Godparents) together with the parents present the infant for Baptism and help the child live and learn the Catholic Faith as they grow to become adults. Sponsors also act as official witnesses that the sacrament was celebrated. One Sponsor, male or female, is sufficient. However, two is traditional, one of each sex (not two Godmothers or two Godfathers).

No more than two Sponsors is permitted. Sponsors are to be no less than 16 years of age, Confirmed Catholics, and live a lifestyle which befits the role that they are undertaking. Sponsors are not to be the parents of the infant. A Baptized Non-Catholic Christian may be a Godparent only in company with a Catholic Godparent of the opposite sex and are known as a Christian Witness.

Please attach to the Baptism Registration Form copies of the Godparents Baptism Certificates.

Non-Baptized people are not to be Godparents as they can not fulfill their responsibility of assisting parents in teaching and role modeling the Catholic Faith. A Proxy may be chosen to replace a Sponsor at the ceremony if the Sponsor cannot attend. They thus only act as an official witness that the sacrament occurred.

Once the Sacrament of Baptism has taken place, the godparent can never be changed. Choose wisely!

Complete the Baptism Registration Form and email/fax/drop off to the parish office. You will be contacted to book a date for the Baptism Celebration and rehearsal (if needed).