Scripture Readings: When planning the Funeral Mass, you may choose the scripture readings from the booklet provided by the Funeral Home or church. You may also choose people to read the First and Second Readings. The Gospel is read by the clergy.

Most Popular Scripture Readings for Funerals

Eulogy: The Eulogy (Words of Remembrance) can be said either at the beginning or end of Mass, but please keep your speech to three minutes in length.

Music for Funerals: Our Lady of Hope has a funeral choir of over 15 voices who are happy to accommodate your choice of music. Our choir director is Bebhinn Albiani. Please note that only sacred music is sung; however, should there be special circumstances please feel free to discuss it with us. The following is a list of popular hymns sung for the Mass. You may choose a maximum of three (3) pieces:

1. Amazing Grace
2. Ave Maria
3. Be Not Afraid
4. Be Still and Know
5. Be With Me Lord
6. City of God
7. Come Home
8. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman
9. Here I am Lord
10. How Great Thou Art
11. I Am the Bread of Life
12. I have Loved You
13. I Will Never Forget You
14. Immaculate Mary
15. Into Your Hands
16. Like a Shepherd
17. Love is Gentle
18. My Redeemer
19. O Lord Hear My Prayer
20. On Eagle’s Wings
21. Only a Shadow
22. Only In God
23. Panis Angelicus
24. Pescadore des Hombres
25. Prayer of St. Francis
26. Song of Farewell
27. Songs of the Angels
28. You Are Mine
29. You Are Near

Luncheon: If you wish to have a luncheon after the Funeral Mass, our parish hall is usually available. The seating capacity of our hall is approximately 120 people. Please check with the parish secretary. Regretfully, our parish CWL cannot supply the food; however, you may hire the services of a caterer such as:
• Classic Catering at 705-670-9089

If you choose to have your funeral luncheon in the parish hall, please advise the church and caterer as soon as possible.

Suggested Donation: We do not charge for services, but a suggested donation of $275.00 payable to “Our Lady of Hope Parish” is appreciated to cover the use of the church and the priest’s time. A tax receipt for this amount will be issued. The funeral choir called “Hope’s Adieu” would welcome a donation too. Suggested donation payable to them is $150.00 which covers costs for a musician, choir and director. The Funeral Home normally processes these donations.